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Heat n Bags can be used for heat to keep warm, relax, achy muscles, put in your bed to warm your feet, keep cozy warm while watching tv or at your computer! Great for cramps too! The best gift you can give to yourself and others! Microwave for 1 1/2--2 minutes or put in freezer for cold therarpy. You will wonder what you ever did without one! Fabric: Flannel. These will not only warm you, they help with the challenges of stress and anxiety. They provide comfort, healing and relaxation. Create your warm moments and use these Heat N Bags during your day! It’s the perfect gift, like a warm hug. Filled with all natural flaxseed and double stitched for durability. Made in a pet and smoke free home. Light lemon or peppermint fragrance!

Heat n Bag (8 x 10) Buffalo Plaid

  • These are filled with all natural flax seed and a variety of beans with a hint of lemon or pepermint. They are double stitched for long lasting use. Here's a great idea, while you are getting ready for bed put your warm bag under the sheets to warm your feet!

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